Háskóli Íslands

New trace element and isotope analyses of the Geldingadalir lava provide further evidence that the magma feeding the Geldingadalir eruption has a different composition to the historical Reykjanes lavas. This shift in geochemistry potentially reflects a new and distinct batch of magma arriving from the mantle beneath Reykjanes.

The Geldingadalir lava is marked by lower concentrations of incompatible trace elements, lower LREE/HREE ratios, and less radiogenic Pb-isotope ratios. These data suggest a greater contribution from higher degree partial mantle melts, sampling more depleted/refractory mantle components.

A full report on the trace element abundances and radiogenic Pb-isotope ratios is available here (pdf)

The image shows rare earth element concentrations in the Geldingadalir lavas. The data is normalised to the primitive mantle and is shown on a logarithmic scale. See report for more information.





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