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Sigurður Reynir Gíslason will receive the 2018 Clair C. Patterson Award this summer

Sigurður Reynir Gíslason, research professor at the Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland, will receive the 2018 Clair C. Patterson Award this summer. The Patterson Award is granted by The Geochemical Society and recognizes an innovative breakthrough of fundamental significance in environmental geochemistry, particularly in service of society, consisting of either a single outstanding contribution or a short series of papers published within the last decade.

Lecture on the 7th of March by Stefán Arnórsson

On Wednesday March 7th, Stefán Arnórsson, professor emeritus in the Faculty of Earth Sciences, will give a lecture on progressive water-rock interaction of surface- and up to 100°C ground-water in the Skagafjördur Province, N-Iceland.

The subject of the lecture is partly based on a newly published book, yet more detailed, by the speaker (chapter 6), entitled Jarðhiti og jarðarauðlindir (geothermal energy and Earth´s resources).  The lecture will be given in English.

Venue:  Lecture Hall N-132, ground floor in Askja
Time:   16:30

Improved prediction model to estimate glacier melt

A prediction model that better enables research scientists to compute the future melt of glaciers; taking climate change into account, is the result of a three year research project conducted by research scientist at the Institute of Earth Sciences in collaboration with domestic and international institutes and companies. The model will also prove useful to the Icelandic National Power Company (Landsvirkjun) for planning hydropower production, and furthermore for issuing flood warnings.

8th Nordic Palaeomagnetism Workshop was held in Iceland 30th Sept.-7th Oct. 2017

From the 30th September to the 7th October 2017, the 8th Nordic Palaeomagnetism Workshop was successfully held at the Hótel Leirubakki and Hekla Center in Iceland.  37 participants discussed a range of issues including the palaeogeography and palaeoclimate of the Phanerozoic and Precambrian, changes in the geodynamo between the Jurassic and Cretaceous, and the palaeomagnetic field over the past 100 ka.  The workshop started with a talk on the history of palaeomagnetism in Iceland by Leó Kristjánsson and on Wednesday afternoon Páll Einarsson gave a field excursion

Ph.D. defense in Geology – Rebecca Anna Neely - 9. August at 15:00 in Aula

On Wednesday the 9th of August, Rebecca Anna Neely will defend her Ph.D. thesis in geology. The thesis title is “Molybdenum isotope behaviour in aqueous systems”

Opponents are Dr. Thomas F. Nägler, Associate Professor of Isotope Geology at the Institute of Geology at the University of Bern, Switzerland and Dr. Caroline L. Peacock, Associate Professor of Biogeochemistry at the School of Earth & Environment at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom.


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