Háskóli Íslands


An unusual event occurred at Askja volcano at 23:24 on the 21st July 2014, comprising a major rockslide on the southeastern part of the caldera wall, which triggered a tsunami in Lake Öskjuvatn. A white cloud was also observed over the Dyngjufjöll mountains.  Initial observations suggest wave heights from the tsunami reached in the order of 40-50 m and spilled over the northeast wall into the adjacent Viti Lake. This area is currently closed for safety reasons.

A video showing a flight over the volcano and the location of the rockslide can be seen at: http://ruv.is/frett/svona-litur-askja-ut-i-dag-myndband

A high-resolution photo of the rockslide may be viewed at: http://www.mbl.is/frettir/innlent/2014/07/24/50_milljona_rummetra_skrida/


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