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MeMoVolc workshop - Presentations


MER – Present state of knowledge I    Conv: Magnús T. Gudmundsson
Opening address Magnús T. Gudmundsson
MER from plume models (1D) Mark Woodhouse
MER from plume models (3D) Tomaso Esposti Ongaro
MER from satellite observations Dave Schneider
MER from ground observations Mauro Coltelli
MER – Present state of knowledge II    Conv: Augusto Neri  
MER – lessons from analog modelling Piero Dellino
MER – problems and shortcomings of present methods Larry Mastin
MER – Observation techniques    Conv: Sara Barsotti  
Doppler radar Lea Scharff
Infrasound Maurizio Ripepe
Videos Jacopo Taddeucci
Electric signals Bernd Zimanowski
Gas monitoring Melissa Pfeffer
Thermal remote sensing and MER in explosive eruptions Andy Harris
Satellite remote sensing and MER Fred Prata
MER – Case histories and ground truth    Conv: Magnús T. Gudmundsson  
Overview of mapping of tephra layers in Iceland Guðrún Larsen
Preservation of tephra layers Bergrún Óladóttir, Tinna Jónsdóttir
Modelling uncertainties in the reconstruction of erupted mass Mattia de’Michieli Vitturi, Samantha Engwell
Reconstruction of eruption source parameters from tephra studies – case history Thor Thordarson
MER – Near real time estimates     Conv: Sara Barsotti  
Multi-parameter measurements system REFIR Tobi Dürig
How much "real time" is needed by the VAAC and MetOffice? Frances Beckett
Outlook: Future integrated approaches Mario Montopoli
Operational MER at the Icelandic Meteorological Office Þórður Arason
Plume models – External factors and role in MER estimates    Conv: Augusto Neri  
Intercomparison study of eruptive column models Antonio Costa
A forward and inverse modeling approach using thermal imagery Matteo Cerminara
Plume rise modelling: sensitivity analysis and umbrella cloud formation Ben Devenish
Role of wind, external water and ice - empirical findings Magnús T. Gudmundsson
Hail and its effects on ash detection by radar Hermann Arngrímsson



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