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Applications are invited for a PhD student position within the petrology and volcanology group at the Institute of Earth Sciences (IES) at the University of Iceland.

The PhD project is titled “Evolution of the Breiðdalur volcanic system, East Iceland: Which came first, the central volcano or the dyke swarm?” and involves all-encompassing study of this Tertiary volcanic system in East Iceland. The volcanic system is Iceland’s the principal geological structure and is typified by distinct volcano-tectonic architecture that can be expressed as a fissure (dyke) swarm or a central volcano or both. Hitherto, it has been assumed that a volcanic system initially develops as a fissure swarm and that continued magmatism culminates in formation of a plumbing system with a shallow magma chamber feeding a central volcano erupting mafic, intermediate and rhyolite magmas. In this understanding the presence of a central volcano is a measure of the systems’ maturity. However, this time sequence and association between the fissure swarm and the central volcano is inferred. An alternative view is that the central volcano represents the embryonic growth stage of the volcanic system; namely the stage when deeper-sourced magma is establishing its migration path through the thick Icelandic crust. The aim of this project is to evaluate and test these two hypotheses.

During the project, the candidate will gain experience in mapping and dating hot spot related volcanic succession, handling and analysing large petrological and geochemical data sets and modelling magmatic systems. The study will be integrated with our on-going research on modern day and past volcanism in Iceland and the candidate will work with an international team of scientists and students at the IES, as well as from the University of Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand (France), Roskilde University (Denmark), University of Edinburgh (Scotland) and Leeds University.

For further information, please contact Professor Thorvaldur Thordarson (torvth@hi.is).

The position is a fully funded for 3 years. An MSc in Earth Sciences with a grade-point average of 7 out of 10 or equivalent and obtained before the start of the appointment is required. Background in mapping volcanic successions, petrology, mineralogy and/or geochemistry is desirable.

Applications, including a cover letter, a detailed CV, copies of university diplomas (BS and MS) with clear indication of subjects and grade classification, a one-page statement of research interests, and at least two reference letters, should be sent to Thorvaldur Thordarson (torvth@hi.is) no later than July 26, 2013.

Information about Earth Sciences at the University of Iceland can be found at: http://earthice.hi.is/


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