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Applications are invited for a PhD student position within the crustal deformation group at the Institute of Earth Sciences (IES) at the University of Iceland.

The PhD project will focus on joint interpretations of observations of surface deformation and micro-earthquakes with the goal of improved understanding of earthquake hazard in the South Iceland Seismic Zone and the Hengill triple junction in southwest Iceland. The project is part of ongoing research of crustal deformation and earthquakes in southwest Iceland, with the possibility to include a detailed comparison of temporal and spatial evolution of the state of stress and presence of fluids in the crust from abundant local earthquake data.

During the project, the student will gain experience in GPS field work, geodetic (GPS and InSAR) and seismic data analysis, and theoretical modelling. The student will work with an international team of scientists and students at the IES, as well as from the Icelandic Meteorlogical office, and Departments of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University and Leeds University.

For further information, please contact Dr. Thora Arnadottir (thora1@hi.is).

The study will be integrated with other ongoing projects, which include: 

  • crustal deformation and earthquakes in Iceland
  • interplay between volcanic unrest and seismic activity, possible triggering mechanisms
  • volcano deformation and eruptions
  • land uplift due to retreating glaciers
  • deformation and triggered earthquakes due to utilization in geothermal areas

Applications including a cover letter, a CV (stating relevant work experience, knowledge in computer programming, and fieldwork experience), copies of university diplomas (BS and MS) with grade information (in English), a one-page statement of research interests, and names and contact information of two potential referees, should be sent to Thora Arnadottir (thora1@hi.is) no later than April 30, 2013.

In order to be accepted into the 3 year PhD program in the Faculty of Earth Sciences at the University of Iceland the applicant must hold an MS degree in a relevant field with a grade-point average of 7 out of 10 or equivalent.  Relevant fields include geophysics, geology, physics, applied mathematics, computer science and engineering. Information about the Institute of Earth Sciences at the University of Iceland can be found at: http://earthice.hi.is/

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