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Glaciologist – Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland

Institute of Earth Sciences at the University of Iceland announces a vacancy for a geophysicist, within the field of glaciology.    The scientist will join the Glaciology Group of the Institute and is expected to contribute to its ongoing research in glaciology. The research fields include mapping of the surface and bedrock topography of Icelandic glaciers, monitoring and modelling of the surface mass and energy balances of the glaciers, ice dynamics, remote sensing of glaciers from satellites and aircrafts, glacier surges, calving into terminal lakes, glacier hydrology, water storage within glaciers and glacier outburst floods (jökulhlaups), glacier-volcano interaction, glacier-isostatic rebound. Moreover, development of numerical models of glacier mass balance, glacier dynamics and the response of glaciers to climate change, past, present and future. Glaciers in Iceland. Glaciology group on IES.
The scientist should have completed a Ph.D. in geophysics, or in other disciplines with a similar background in physics and mathematics. Experience in collection and analyses of data from glaciers and good communication skills are required.
The Institute of Earth Sciences, an independent part of the Science Institute, is the main site of academic research in earth sciences at the University and in Iceland. The Institute provides research facilities for the research and academic staff in Earth Sciences at the University, as well as for postdoctoral fellows and  graduate students. The scientists at the IES have strong international ties, and organize and participate in a range of national and international research projects. Further information about the Institute can be found at:
The scientist can negotiate possible teaching opportunities at the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences (Faculty of Earth Sciences) with the board of the Institute of Earth Sciences, in accordance with rules of the Science Institute (nr. 685/2011).
This is a tenure-track position with an initial appointment of five years.
The evaluation of academic merits will be in accordance with Icelandic Law and Rules for the University of Iceland No. 569/2009.
Applicants shall include with their applications certificates attesting to their education and work experience, a list of their publications, a report on their scholarly work and other works they have carried out, and an outline of their research plans if they are offered the position. Applications must make clear which of their publications, the applicants regard as the most important regarding the advertised position (no more than eight publications should be selected). Applicants must send the most important publications with their application, or indications as to where they are accessible in electronic form. When more than one author has produced a publication, the applicant must account for his or her own contribution to the work. Applicants are also expected to include references for their teaching and administrative work, as appropriate.
Salary for the position of scientist will be according to the current collective wage and salary agreement between the Union of University Teachers, and the Minister of Finance.

The deadline for application is December 3, 2012.

Applications and accompanying documentation should preferably be submitted in electronic form by e-mail: bmz@hi.is. Applications and accompanying documentation that are not submitted in electronic form must be sent in duplicate to the Division of Science and Research Affairs at the University of Iceland, Main Building at Sudurgata, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland. All applications will be acknowledged and applicants will be informed about the appointment when a decision has been taken.
For further information contact Þóra Árnadóttir, chairman of board of the Institute of Earth Sciences, email thora1@hi.is, and Helgi Björnsson, leader of the Glaciology group, email hb@hi.is.
Appointments to the University of Iceland do take into account the Equal Rights Project of the University of Iceland.

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