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Vacant positions

1. PhD position in geophysics and physical volcanology, Institute of Earth Sciences - HI17040042 - Application deadline is May 1st 2017

We seek a highly motivated candidate for a three-year period to fill a PhD position at the Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland, within the framework of IceSUSTAIN: A New Drill Core at Surtsey Volcano: A Natural Laboratory for Time-Lapse Characterization of Hydrothermal Seawater and Microbial Interactions with Basaltic Tephra – Iceland contribution, a Grant of Excellence project  funded by the Icelandic Research Fund.  Additional funding is through the hazard project GOSVÁ2, sub-project Methods to define the frequency and magnitude of shallow ocean eruptions.  IceSUSTAIN  is tied to the ICDP-funded SUSTAIN drilling project, an international project that will extract two drill cores from Surtsey in 2017.

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